CreateTrips: The Smartphone App for Smart Travelers

So a few days ago, I shared with you on my Facebook page, how excited I am about the beginning of my new relationship with a really cool app for travelers called CreateTrips. Now there are A LOT of apps out there targeted towards travelers but not every one of them is as user friendly or has an interface that’s as intuitive as CreateTrips. Most of all, I don’t know of another smartphone app that uses a resource that’s so under-utilized in travel planning.


The app helps travelers access information, tips and recommendations from its network of people who are so passionate about travel that they do it for a living; travel bloggers. And because types of travel bloggers vary from luxury, adventure to frugal penny pinchers who’ve mastered the art of traveling on as low as $15 a day in some parts of the world, the user of the app has all this information to make any kind of trip planning easy and super-quick.

Travel bloggers who’ve partnered up with CreateTrips create their TravelBooks or guides about places- cities, towns or countries they’re familiar with and this could be anything from insider secrets, off-the-beaten-path tips and foodie guides. There are some great TravelBooks on the platform that focus on specific interesting themes such as seafood restaurants, adventure activities or street art. You can see each venue on a map that you can also download to use when you’re offline.

While many guides are available for free, others can be bought for a small price. But why pay when there’s information available online for free? I can think of the following reasons:

  1. You know that restaurant that can’t handle the pressure after it suddenly becomes popular when it gets highly rated on TripAdvisor reviews or gets featured in LP? You’ll find it in every country and every city that’s popular with tourists. The kind of place people go to because it’s featured on TA or LP but the prices on the menu are way higher than what you expect, service is slow and there’s an air of arrogance, and maybe even the occasional cockroach in the curry (happened to me in Kathmandu). Now if you’d rather go to a friendly home kitchen in a non-touristy neighborhood, pay half the price for double the ambience and an engaging conversation with a local family, then you shouldn’t think twice before paying a small price to get such recommendations from someone who’s already done all the legwork and research. You can trust a blogger’s recommendations to be genuine because their reputation’s on the line.
  1. It doesn’t get easier than downloading a TravelBook on your phone and being able to plan as you go. Bulky guidebooks are outdated and unnecessary. With cool features such as offline maps, CreateTrips gives you an easy solution.
  1. The app is perfect for niche TravelBooks. Say if you’re interested in street art in Berlin and you simply don’t have the time to look for information online in advance. Just download a TravelBook and you’ll have expert tips on your phone.

Even if you don’t like the idea of paying for TravelBooks or simply want to test if it’s worth it, there are plenty of free TravelBooks available for destinations all over the world and they’re totally worth checking out.

I already have my first two TravelBooks on the app and there are many more to come. A lot of you send me emails and messages asking me about tips for travel to Dubai and the rest of the UAE. You can expect to see a lot of this information on CreateTrips in the coming weeks. If you’d like to search for my TravelBooks, simply enter ‘The Boho Chica’ in Find Authors and you’ll see all my guides. To access my TravelBooks directly from my blog, just click on CreateTrips TravelBooks under Resources in the menu.

At the moment, the app is for iPhone only but an Android version is just around the corner and I can’t imagine a better travel-planning app than one that uses the expertise of travel bloggers. From the hole-in-the-wall bakery to the cheapest laundromat in town, travel bloggers have a wealth of knowledge that they’re all too eager to share with you and already do on their blogs. But if you don’t have the time to read different blogs for a specific trip or city, then CreateTrips helps you get all the information you need in a concise, easy to process way.


Did you enjoy this post? Would you be interested in using an app like CreateTrips? What kind of TravelBooks would you like to see me create? If you need information about Dubai or any of the other places listed under ‘Travels’, please let me know in the comments and I’ll focus on creating those TravelBooks first on CreateTrips.



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