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5 Unique Holiday Ideas for Couples

Let’s face it; for many couples that love to travel, it isn’t always possible to strap on backpacks and set off spontaneously for a month. With jobs, responsibilities and very often the need to always be ‘on call’, what you’re really left with is just a couple of weeks’ vacation (if you’re lucky) where your work phone and laptop must take the trip with you. With limited time that you hope to enjoy in as stress free a way as possible, it takes a certain creativity and pro-activeness to come up with a trip that’s more than just staying in a standard hotel and visiting museums, with your noses buried in a guidebook. Here are five creative getaways for couples with limited vacation time to recharge their batteries together and come back feeling rejuvenated and happy.

For the Romantic: Take a River Cruise Holiday in Europe

An incredibly romantic way to explore a new destination, consider a river cruise through one of Europe’s quaint cities. I found this river cruiser’s guide to Prague by Emerald Waterways about a trip that takes you to the city’s most outstanding hidden gems; fine island restaurants with terraces offering spectacular views, riverside museums and art galleries for a taste of culture and heritage and even gives you the chance to explore a part of the city by bike. The best part? You still have the convenience of packing and unpacking just once.

Prague River Cruise

photo credit: Thomas Depenbusch

For the Adventurous: Explore the Wilderness in an African Safari

For the adventurous, there’s nothing cooler than an action packed African Safari. Stay in a jungle lodge, far away from noisy cities and get a chance to observe the wild inhabitants of the forest in their natural habitat. Get on the trails of lions as they chase after their prey or watch the awe-inducing birdlife in a Botswana Safari. Choose from more affordable public parks such as the Chobe National Park or slightly expensive but exclusive private reserves in the Okavango Delta. A combination of driving and walking through the jungles guarantees an unforgettable and exciting game viewing experience.


photo credit: Hiasinho

For the Yogis: Find Your Inner Bliss at a Yoga Retreat

It’s no secret that yoga retreats are located in some of the most drop dead gorgeous places in the world. From beautiful islands such as Bali, Indonesia and Koh Samui, Thailand to beach towns in Mexico and a jungle retreat in Dominica, there are plenty of options for fit and health conscious couples across a range of budgets. Begin your day with a Vinyasa session followed by meditation, enjoy eating clean and hiking or kayaking to nearby areas. Few things bring as much peace and contentment as a Surya Namaskar by the ocean or nestled between trees on a hidden island and it’s a great way to find your bliss together. You’ll both go home happier and healthier with no sign of ‘holiday weight’.

Island yoga

photo credit: lucytoon

For the Music Lovers: Attend a Music Festival

Music aficionados will enjoy leaving their worries behind as they head off to get blissfully lost in the tunes of a music festival. If your partner and you enjoy listening to world music or even a specific genre, it’s worth to do your research and plan your next getaway to a related festival. Festivals are typically held over many days and make for an energy packed holiday experience.

Listen to talented musicians play as you join crowds of passionate people to watch or dance in the festival grounds. While large-scale festivals such as the increasingly popular Tomorrowland get sold out within a few minutes of tickets going on sale and require thorough planning in advance, you can still make it to regional fests such as Roskilde in Denmark and the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Festival venues include camping grounds and other accommodation options, interesting food from the region and other activities that call for plenty of socializing; definitely a fantastic choice for couples who like to party.

Music fest

photo credit: JasonParis

For the Foodies: Discover Local Cuisine with a Cooking Holiday

There isn’t a better way to bond over your common love of food than by taking a cooking holiday with your partner. Discover regional cuisines and uncover their insider secrets by signing up for an intensive cooking class spread over multiple days. From learning to choose and pick local farm grown ingredients, identifying various spices to understanding the nuances of traditional cooking methods, together you’ll undergo the entire process that will give you a far deeper insight into the culinary culture than that of the average tourist.

Depending on your budget and taste preferences, choose your destination from a wide range of places with famous culinary reputations such as Italy, France, Vietnam and Morocco. Whether you’ve both always dreamed of the perfect Pizza Napoletana or tried to unravel the secret of coconut milk infused Thai curry, there’s a culinary trip waiting to satisfy your curiosity.

Cooking class

photo credit: ironypoisoning