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6 Reasons to Do an Australia Road Trip By Trailer

A road trip around Australia offers the chance to see interesting cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, palm-fringed beaches, the wild Outback, beautiful waterfalls, lush rainforests, remote national parks, verdant vineyards, and hidden gorges. The best part of exploring the country by road is that instead of hopping from one tourist attraction to another, you are likely to chance upon a scenic route, incredible vista, or a lesser-known piece of paradise that you might have all to yourself. 

Get a used car and camper trailer and road trip around Australia with the freedom and flexibility to stay longer (like even a few days) at a spot that you love instead, of following a set schedule, and enjoy the journey at your own pace. Here are some great reasons to road trip around Australia in a trailer.

Reasons to Do an Australia Road Trip by Trailer

Scenic Routes Abound

Twelve Apostles

Views along the Great Ocean Road

Whether you’re looking to road trip in Australia for a few weeks or planning a longer adventure spanning a few months, the country has no lack of scenic routes where every day has the potential to be an amazing adventure. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. While many people do this trip in a day or two, it is a better idea to do this 250km drive over a few days, taking your time to really appreciate spots such as Loch Ard Gorge and Port Campbell National Park minus the crowds from tourist buses. Other worthy road trips include the Red Center Way with highlights like Uluru and Kings Canyon, from Sydney to Brisbane visiting Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, and Coffs Coast, and Gibb River Road in Western Australia. If you’re looking for more road trips in Australia, here are suggested itineraries by Australia road tripping experts.

Here are some tips for women traveling to Central Australia

Take Your Mobile Home Along

If you think about it, no one likes the idea of packing and unpacking stuff every day or even every other day and moving from one hostel or hotel bed to another every few days. Traveling like that can become exhausting and lead to burn out for even the most seasoned travelers. You can only imagine how difficult and unpleasant that would be for young children who are certain to get cranky with the lack of flexibility. Traveling with your trailer means taking your temporary home with you giving you one element in your adventure that serves as your own space, with the things you need and familiar comforts, to retreat into at the end of every day.

Modern Day Trailers Are Well Designed and Comfortable

While you’ll most definitely want to spend the majority of your time outdoors in what is a fascinatingly gorgeous country, you’ll be grateful for the additional conveniences and amenities offered by your trailer such as an inbuilt kitchen, plenty of storage, spacious beds, living area, and the chance to live simply in the midst of nature but a little more comfortably. The kind of trailer you’d choose would depend on the number of people, budget, and where you plan to go on your road trip.

If you decide to stay someplace longer, you can leave your trailer and set up behind and just take your car when heading into town to buy supplies, groceries, or food instead of driving your entire home as you would have to do with a caravan.

A Trailer Is Budget-Friendly


Camper trailers are cheaper than more elaborate motorhomes and caravans, and if you have a reliable towing car, you’re good to be well on your way to exploring Australia by road. Since trailers are lighter than campervans, you’ll also be spending less on fuel costs. Then, there is the added advantage of having your own kitchen to cook in so that you don’t spend too much eating out, a cost that can slowly add up if you’re traveling as a family or a group. The per night costs of camp grounds are way lower than what you’d spend each night at a hostel, guesthouse, or hotel, and splitting them within the group works out even cheaper.

You can always resell your trailer when you longer need it and there’s also a second hand market for trailers if you’re on a stricter budget.

A Trailer Is Perfect For Family Travel   

If you’re looking to travel as a family, especially with young children, doing so in a trailer offers considerable flexibility, stability, and is a fantastic life learning experience. There’s nothing else that compares to sharing such an adventure as a family. From learning about the practicalities of living as intrepid explorers and problem-solving on the road, to connecting to nature and learning to respect the planet, such an experience can have a deep, long-lasting effect on children and become a memorable story to tell their friends. Road tripping as a family and living in a trailer for the duration of your trip is also a great way to be together sharing a special experience, something that can be much-needed in otherwise hectic lifestyles with little family time together.

You Can Get Really Off The Beaten Path

Trailers are lighter and easier to tow than campervans, so you don’t have to drive as slow and can get really off-the-beaten-path, depending on the kind of trailer. With 4WD camper trailers that are sturdier, you can go off road and access the wildest and most breathtaking spots without having to worry about the terrain.



Thursday 18th of January 2018

Great post! I feel Australia really is one of those places that is great to travel along in a trailer. Maybe along the coast, the interior may be a different story. haha

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Friday 24th of November 2017

Thanks for sharing these nice tips they are really very awesome and I want to explore Australia like this way. Well, I have planned my visit and I will try my level best to have my trip like this. Once again thanks a lot for this post.

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