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How To Spend A Royal Weekend In London

London’s monarchy is one of the main draws for royalty-obsessed tourists across the world. With more than a thousand years of history and a dizzying array of monuments, you’ll find a broad variety of attractions and landmarks to make your visit to the Montcalm Liverpool Street one that’s truly fit for a king.

Whether you’re an aspiring monarch or just want a 24-hour taste of the high life, this regal routine for a day in the city will take you through royalty hotspots, monuments, and attractions, ensuring that you’ve got a sturdy slice of London royalty.

Whether visiting with your own little princes and princesses or embarking on a fairytale romance with your significant other, these tips for a royal weekend encompass fantasy, history, and everything in between.

Friday: Take it easy

 Let’s kick things off with Friday night- there’ll no doubt be some travel fatigue, so make sure you’re rested up and take the Friday night easy. 

See Shakespeare’s Globe 

Shakespeare’s Globe or the Globe Theatre is a historic replica of the Elizabethan open-air theatre first popularized by William Shakespeare. While the original Globe burnt down hundreds of years ago, this replica was built in 1997 and is a great spot to see the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, alongside new writing that has been inspired by the classics.

Shakespeare’s Globe

With stories of kings and queens, heroic struggles, and the original Shakespearean theatre company even being called The King’s Players, it’s easy to see why a trip to the Globe Theatre’s stellar traditionally-staged performances would be the perfect place to begin your royal weekend in London.

After a great night at the theater, take it easy at the Aviary Rooftop Bar at the Montcalm Hotel and make sure you get a good night’s sleep after.

Saturday: Visit Palaces & Gardens

Get up in time for a full English breakfast, that delightful and very authentic breakfast tradition at the Montcalm 5 star hotel London and start your Saturday morning off with the royal attractions of Central London.

Buckingham Palace 

If it’s a royal-inspired itinerary that you’re after, then the Buckingham Palace should obviously be first on your list. Home to the reigning monarch Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace’s iconic royal guards and grand gilded gates will provide ample opportunity for photos, even if you have to be patient enough to avoid the crowds that gather every hour of the day.

Buckingham Palace

A good tip is to head there very early in the morning, before the late-rising crowds of tourists have made it there. Seasonal tours of the palace take place between July and October on selected days. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace overlooks Kensington Gardens and is the home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With exhibitions exploring the fashion of Princess Diana and the court of Queen Caroline, there’s plenty here to immerse yourself in the lives of royalty. 

Kensington Palace

Hyde Park

After lunch at the best restaurants near Paddington, stretch your legs in the 142-hectare, royal Hyde Park.

Here you’ll find memorials to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, and Princess Diana alongside other unique attractions.

Hyde Park

Take a pedalo or rowing boat out onto the Serpentine, a 40-acre recreational lake or take a dip in the lido, a 100-m stretch of the lake that is an outdoor swimming pool with changing facilities, a terrace and café.

Make sure not to miss the Serpentine Galleries– Serpentine Sackler Gallery that’s housed in a fascinating modernist building by Zaha Hadid, and the Serpentine Gallery, where you’ll find art and design exhibitions that showcasing the hottest talent in the contemporary art world. 

Royal Albert Hall

Make sure that after an afternoon in Hyde Park, that you take a walk past or even see a concert at the Royal Albert Hall (with shows such as Swan Lake and Luzia by the legendary Cirque du Soleil).

Royal Albert Hall

First opened in 1871 in memory of her deceased husband, Queen Victoria was a regular guest at the Albert Hall, which started as a music hall and has now become one of the most iconic contemporary and classical music venues in the city.

Sunday: Stately Sightseeing

After your evening at the Royal Albert Hall, make sure you have enough energy left for your Sunday in the city. Try exploring further afield and see more of London’s parks, as well as some of the important royal landmarks in the city.

Westminster Abbey

Begin your day in Central London and take a trip to the atmospheric Westminster Abbey, a royal church and a World Heritage Site. Consecrated as early as the mid 10th century, Westminster Abbey, has over a thousand years of history, and sees daily services.

Westminster Abbey

It’s an amazing feeling to be inside a royal church that has seen so many coronations, royal weddings, and other events. It’s an iconic venue where some of the most important events in history, that have affected the entire world, have played out.

The church is also the burial ground for many kings and queens throughout history, alongside notable English figures such as Geoffrey Chaucer and Stephen Hawking. 

Kew Gardens

The royal botanic Kew Gardens were once home to Kew Palace and are based in the Richmond area. Alongside the nearby Richmond Park, this beautiful garden that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to over 50,000 plants alongside magnificent greenhouses and stately mansions to explore.

Kew Gardens

There are also exhibitions to attend and walking tours that you can go on to see more here.

Richmond Park

London’s royal Richmond Park was once the hunting grounds for King Charles I and was opened in the 17th century as a deer park. With just under 10 sq. kms. of space, this dramatic and sweeping nature reserve is teeming with woodland and natural beauty.  

Richmond Park

This royal park enjoys protected status as an important habitat for diverse animal species. You can try your hand at golf, go horse-riding or off-road biking to explore this beautiful area. 


Have you been to London? What would you add to this list?