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Laundryheap Review: Laundry Services for Savvy Travelers Visiting Dubai

Ever find yourself in a new city, a few days into your trip, wondering whatever happened to all the clothes you thought you’d packed, while staring in dismay at the only fresh shirt and pair of jeans you have left for the next week? I have- more times than I care to count.

And while I’ve had my fair share of unglamorous travel days of washing my laundry hunched over bathroom sinks in hotels and apartments around the world (until I can find a place that isn’t a complete rip-off at least), I don’t recommend it. Instead, if you find yourself in need of laundry services while visiting Dubai, go the savvy route and use Laundryheap

Hotels in Dubai can charge ridiculous rates for laundry services, and, let me tell you, that’s not how much Dubai residents pay to get their laundry done, so, why should you? Of course, you might not know how to find a local laundry service if you’re a tourist in Dubai, and even if you do find one, you might not know whether you can actually trust them not to damage your clothes, or they might need more days to deliver your laundry than you actually have left in the city.

Enter Laundryheap, a website (and an app) that offers on-demand laundry services around Dubai and delivers within 24 hours, at reasonable rates. Don’t you just love how much easier it is to travel to new, foreign cities when there’s an app for everything? When Laundryheap reached out to me for a review, I gladly accepted so I could share the experience with you.

Now, there’s really no excuse for you to hold on to that dirty laundry, is there?

Laundryheap: The Complete Review


Easy-to-Use Website and App

The Laundryheap website is very straightforward, and the app is also intuitive and easy-to-use. It took me less than a minute to schedule my collection through the app. 

You’ll find the prices for various services such as Wash (everyday laundry, washed and tumble-dried but not ironed), Wash & Iron (ironed after tumble-drying and put on hangers), Dry Cleaning (delicate items, cleaned, ironed and put on hangers), Ironing, and Duvets & Bulky Items, clearly mentioned on both the site and the app.  

Under each service, you’ll find relevant prices for different items of clothing. I love that this list is so detailed and includes every imaginable option from shirts and dresses to traditional clothing like sarees and kanduras. 

I needed dry cleaning services for a jacket, blazer, skirt, and a pullover, so that’s the option I chose. 

You can then click on Start and Schedule a Collection to choose your service and schedule collection and delivery times. The minimum time frame for delivery is 24 hours, which is quick for a service like Dry Cleaning. 

It’s also great that you can choose a collection method by specifying your preference when it comes to receiving the delivery– whether you’d like the driver to wait, or to leave your delivery at the door, or to leave it at the reception. This makes it easy to have a contactless delivery in case you’re out and about when your laundry is returned. 

There’s also a section to add Collection or Delivery instructions. 

You’ve got to add your address and card details when you place the order, and the entire amount gets charged to your card as soon as the order is placed. 

Reasonable Prices

The prices for various services are comparable to other quality laundry operators in Dubai, so you do not end up overpaying. I used the dry cleaning service at Laundryheap and it turned out to be slightly cheaper than my usual go-to laundry service. There are no extra hidden fees for collection and delivery- both of these are free. 

Email Updates

Once you schedule a collection and place your order, Laundryheap sends regular email updates at every stage- when the order is placed, when the driver is out for collection, and when he is out for delivery. This is great because you know exactly what to expect. 

Driver Location Tracking

These emails contain a link through which you can track the location of Laundryheap drivers, and can see in how much time they’re expected to arrive for collection or delivery. 

Customer Service

Perhaps this is where Laundryheap truly shines. The app has some of the quickest, most helpful customer service in my experience, through its Live Chat option. 

When the driver for my scheduled collection didn’t show up within the allotted time slot, the customer service rep I was chatting with through the app followed up with him and confirmed that he was stuck in traffic. He then offered to reschedule the collection to a better time the following day. 

Unfortunately my delivery also didn’t show up within 24 hours, which was my selected time frame, but customer service was prompt to send me an email update and inform me of the new expected delivery time, which was later that evening. He also offered a discount code for future use, for the inconvenience. 

Availability in the UAE

Laundryheap is currently available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah as well. 


My items arrived clean and fresh, neatly on hangers, covered in plastic. These were all delicate items (think leather and sequins) that I was nervous about washing at home, so it was nice to have them taken care of by professionals. 

Image courtesy Laundryheap

I would recommend Laundryheap to anyone visiting Dubai who might be looking for a reliable, convenient, quick, and reasonably-priced laundry service that they can use from the comfort of their hotel or apartment, wherever they might be in the city. Laundryheap eliminates the need to look for a laundry service, second-guess about reliability, and constant repeated follow-ups for delivery. This is a much savvier way to get your laundry done in Dubai. 


Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Laundryheap, but all opinions as always are honest and independent.