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Should You Rent a Car on Your Dubai Vacation?

Dubai is known to be a city of opulence, luxury, and outstanding choices. And this is just as true when it comes to the variety of car rentals in Dubai. Why though, would the average person visiting Dubai rent a car while on vacation? Believe me – there are plenty of reasons. Here are the benefits of renting a car in Dubai to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s not forget that you’re likely to be spoilt for choice when it comes to Dubai luxury car rental on your vacation. If driving a certain luxury car or sports car has been on your bucket list, then Dubai is definitely THE place to make your this dream come true.

Why Rent A Car on Your Dubai Holiday?

So why should you rent a car on vacation in Dubai instead of just taking cabs or relying on public transport? There are a few reasons – check out the list below.

1 – Renting a Car in Dubai Saves Time

Renting a car anywhere in the world usually saves you time and it’s no different in Dubai. How long would you be willing to spend waiting for a taxi (that is becomingly increasingly difficult to get on weekends, in crowded areas, or just outside busy tourist attractions)? 

Would you rather miss multiple trains to be able to enter a compartment of the Dubai Metro that isn’t packed like a tin of sardines (as is usually the case during peak travel times and weekends)?

How long would it take you to factor the water taxi or the bus into your journey time? Getting anywhere by public bus in Dubai can easily double your travel time.

Hiring that rental car in Dubai cuts down the amount of time you will waste during your vacation- waiting for a cab or to take the metro or figuring out how to get somewhere that isn’t well-connected by public transport.

While you are hiring a car why not upgrade to something a little more luxurious than you might drive back home? After all, you’ll be paying much less for renting a certain luxury car in Dubai than you would in any other major city around the world.

2 – What’s More Flexible than Driving Yourself?

When you choose to hire a car for your Dubai vacation, you have a more flexible itinerary. You do not have to plan ahead for hours of travel time when you can jump in your own car, instead of taking a train or bus. You do not need to worry about walking long distances (that is akin to torturing yourself during the scorching summer afternoons), or having to walk to get from point A to wherever the public transport system can drop you off.

When you use a rental car for your vacation you have the full freedom and total control to go where you please. Taxis can take you directly to where you go but can be tricky to come by. This is especially true in busy tourist areas such as the Dubai Mall where you can easily spend anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour waiting for a taxi. No one wants to do that after having walked around what is the biggest shopping mall in the world.

Where can you drive to in Dubai? Anywhere you like! A rental car is especially useful when driving between tourist destinations quickly.

3 – Dubai Car Rentals Are Affordable

Forking out over and over again for cabs can swiftly add up- and if you’re stuck in traffic, your taxi fare can rise quickly. Too much of a transport cost can really eat into that holiday budget- you might as well throw that budget out of the window if you plan on getting around Dubai by taxi. When you rent a luxury car in Dubai, you don’t need to worry about the on-going cost of catching cabs.

If you have a big family the cost of transporting everyone around town can mount to become unmanageable. It is important that you run a price comparison check before you go. A larger family will likely find it more affordable to rent a hire car in Dubai than to take public transport all week or fortnight long.

4 – Destination, Destination, Destination!

When you hire your own rental car for your Dubai vacation, you open yourself up to a world of destination possibilities. You no longer need to stick to the public transport routes. You can go beyond the roads commonly travelled and even leave the city if you like. You are free to roam, have the choice of stopping anywhere you like, and can get closer to the ‘real’ Dubai. Who wouldn’t want to see the sights in their own private vehicle? And when the weather is good, between November and April, having your own rental car in Dubai gives you the chance to go on road trips and visit areas outside of the main city. Think beautiful manmade lakes, golden desert landscapes and great hiking and biking trails.

The Dubai experience is not complete without a trip to both Hatta where you can go kayaking in a dam, visit an adventure park, stay overnight in a camper, and to Bluewaters Island that is home to the world’s largest observation wheel and has some great beach parties. If you’re craving a bit of nature, it’s easy to head to Wadi Shees on the east coast, just a 90-minute drive from Dubai. 

You can go from walking along the sea at the promenade of Palm Jumeirah to feeling the sand in your toes at the beach by the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, to a game of beach volleyball at Kite Beach, all in a few minutes when you have your own vehicle.

You can also take a day trip to Abu Dhabi to visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi or the Qasr Al Watan palace or the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Al Ain Oasis. When you rent your own car from Dubai you can drive out to the other emirates that make up the UAE. You can even head to Sharjah, a cultural hub home to world-class museums, or to the beaches of Fujairah.

5 – The Thrill of the Open Dubai Road

What is certain is that renting your own car for your Dubai vacation will let you enjoy driving in a way you never thought possible. It helps that it doesn’t cost an awful lot to rent a luxury car that lets you get around the city in style. On your Dubai holiday, your rental car should be inspiring, different from the norm, and should ignite your passion to explore the city.

Driving in Dubai is an experience unlike any other. With a huge choice in some of the best cars in the world – and the ability to drive them on some of the best roads in the world (while adhering to speed limits of course) – why not drive in Dubai on your vacation? You can rent the most luxurious of Dubai rental cars from Renty: the online platform that offers some excellent options.

Other Places to Test the Open Road

If you want options for car rentals internationally, then services such as Kayak and Sixt can get you from A to B – no matter what style you choose to travel in. Go where you want, when you want, and in the luxury vehicle of your choice.

Dubai vacations, for one, only get better with the full freedom of the open road.

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